3 Games | Story Development

Assignment – Story Development (task 1)
Assignment – Story Development (task 2)
Assignment – Story Development (task 3)
Assignment – Story Development (script)

3 Games and their story development properties, assignment tasks hand-in


Art/Drawing | Pyramid Head

For my summer work i decided to draw an image with a minor reference from a game/film, i decided to draw “Pyramid Head” from Silent Hill, after watching the films and playing the games, i thought it would be an interesting challenge of drawing skill as i consider myself a below average sketcher.

I spent a lot of time on photoshop detailing each specific area of his body, then putting it all together with the layers to create the image.

Pyramid Head

Graphics | DayZ Fan Vintage Poster

Today we had to create a vintage style poster for a created game of our choice, i choose the DayZ Mod and created a vintage poster with custom fonts and images on Photoshop. Using Blur Lens for the background and adding the text on top.

I grabbed a vintage paper texture with marking and added it on top of the finished poster, from there i changed the opacity so it was rather low, therefore seeing the poster behind but leaving the grainy paper texture still visible, the markings around the edge could also be perceived as blood.

DayZVintage copy


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Mudbox | Pepper v1.0

The Red pepper made on Mudbox was created from pulling a sphere, expanding the edges, and then folding them round at the top to give the 4 Top rounded edges, and then came the issue or equaling it out at the bottom and around without tearing, after carefully editing each side, i added texture and the red and green colours.

Mudbox Pepper examples

Mudbox Pepper examples

3D Environment | Space Collision Render

For My 3D Environment assignment, i created a scene set in space where a extremely large asteroid was about to collide with the earth, seconds before, i spent a lot of time working on the textures and the lighting to make sure it came out clearly with as most realism as possible.

For more images (Like the One Below) of the project Visit “The Gallery” page.

3D Environment Render Scene

3D Environment Render Scene